Xbox 360 Fitness game: fun or workout ?


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Aug 2, 2012
So, there's the fitness game everyone heard about already. Do you use it to have a serious workout or do you just want to have fun and don't put much effort into it ?
I don't have the Kinect Fitness...I guess that's the game you're talking about, but I don't really consider it a true workout. More like a nice method of wasting some time and exercising.
The only workout I do is in the gym or the home area setup that we have. I doubt I could handle playing a game that made me workout, even if it is "good for me".
I mostly play for fun, the real workout I do at the gym. I think fitness games are OK but they don't count as a real workout as you said because if you get tired, you just stop while at the gym, if you get tired you push yourself harder :)
Fitness games on the Kinect are mainly for fun. These types of games only give you a light workout. To get a complete workout go to the gym. Don't expect to lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of muscles using the Kinect.
I think most video games are more for fun or light activity when you're lacking than actual serious workout. They use them in physical therapy and rehab sometimes, too but it's not meant to replace actual exercise.
Hmm, I think I'd like to edit my first post. I'd now say that it's neither. Having recently played some fitness games myself, I'd say that it's neither fun nor could it be considered a workout. I think fitness games are boring. If you need to have fun, there are lots of great games out there that are not considered fitness games. If you want to have a workout, don't just stand in front of your console and TV set. Get out there and sweat it out real time.