Xbox 360 Forever Playing Video Games


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Nov 18, 2011
Do you think you will ever give up playing video games? I have friends, who do not play console games, and they see it as childish. I think if they would just play a game, they would not think I was so silly. I also think console games help us adults with stress. I know I always feel better, after playing some shooter style games.
Absolutely not! People who think like this are setting themselves up for a less-happy life in which they miss out on a ton of things because their prejudices prevent them from giving it a chance.
I really do not think its in my nature. Now I might take some time off for other things in life but its not something I am just going to stop all together. I tend to randomly play and it varies through each season, sometimes more in summer than the winter and sometimes not.
Even if I stopped playing video games for some reason, I would never consider it childish. Gaming is no better or worse than any other nonproductive hobby. It's meant for entertainment. I can't imagine myself stopping, but I suppose there could be a time where I decide to devote more time to other things.
I would much rather game than say play racquetball, no offense but I do not get that sport at all. And I am fair from lazy as most gamers are titled being lazy couch potatoes, I work out every day unless I am sick.
Honestly, I'd say you're missing out a little on the racquetball. It's a surprisingly fun sport, it's very fast-paced. Then again, I've always enjoyed other racquet sports too, like tennis and ping pong. If you already dislike those, I guess you probably wouldn't like racquetball either.
I'm sure I will always play too. I love them! My kids love them too! We play them together and I see myself playing video games with my grandkids (many years from now). I like the active ones though! So I see nothing wrong with being a gamer.