Xbox 360 Forza Horizon: official E3 2012 trailer and information


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Jun 24, 2012

Luke Reilly - IGN
Forza Horizon: Reinventing the Wheel

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Open-world games in the past have been characterised by arcade handling, which is fine,” he says. “But there’s a problem with those games: that all the cars start to feel the same, they start to handle the same. And that doesn’t work for Forza. In Forza, the car is the star. Every car is special.”

This article addresses my major concern after watching the trailer from E3. I was afraid that the Forza series was going more "arcade" like the Need for Speed games. After reading the article above I feel more confident that the staff at Turn 10 will not deviate from what makes the Forza games so engaging.

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Apparently I've been living in a cave or under a rock, because I thought Forza was a Playstation-only title!! I have no idea where I got that from, but I'm glad to see I was wrong, because this game looks beautiful.