Xbox 360 Fox News Says: Vilolent Video Games Train Kids to Kill (Regarding CT Murders)

The Angry Beaver

Dec 17, 2012
On a show called Fox and Friends they are talking how violent video games and movies are training kids to kill, and that the CT school murders are linked to playing video games. Guess which game the used as a main example?? Give up...yup its Black Ops 2. They are even saying that the more you play violent video games the more you get violent according to a "Study."

I don't know how anyone else feels about comments like these, but every time something tragic happens, people always seem to blame games, music and movies for the reason they happen. There is no need to censor or eliminate anything based around content in any of these types of media. First off, all of these forms of media are rated for recommended age requirements. Secondly, there is a one word answer to solve all of these so called problems with kids, and it's called PARENTING!!!! If you monitor and take interest in what your child is doing, instead of using media to babysit your children everything would be fine.

I'm sorry to inform people that games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Far Cry 3 are violent (big surprise) and inappropriate for young children. For god sake, one of the games is named after a felony. At one point in my life, I worked for a major video-game retailer. The number of parents who use the excuse, "Well, all his friends have the game. So I can't stop him from playing it somewhere else. Ok, I'll buy it." Newsflash people!!! You have control of the four walls that surround you at home. You are "King of the Castle" in your home.

Sorry for the rant, but this crap pi**es me off.

Video games don't kill people. People kill people.
I saw a Facebook post the other day saying that nobody blamed the light saber when Anakin went nuts. But in all honesty, blaming video games isn't the answer. Blame the parents. Although its sad in this case i think the guy killed his own mother before the shootings in CT.
Violent games urge the players to kill. It could not train you because you are not actually doing the killing. Anyway, how do kids get hold of violent video games in the first place? There are ratings that should be followed. If you let a kid play Mortal Kombat 9 or Black Ops 2, its like letting a kid watch porn! Adults should be more responsible and select the games that they should let kids play.
I'm right with you...this one always frustrates me. The finger is always pointed at video games, movies, musicians, etc. when in reality a lot of the time it comes down to parenting and actual events in the person's life. This shooter, for instance, had mental health issues that he was not being treated for. That doesn't make him an evil person and it doesn't mean he played too many video games. It means it's a problem that it was easier for him to get his hands on multiple guns than mental health treatment.
I totally agree Jessi. So many parents pawn their kids off to video games and get them inappropriate titles for their ages due to peer pressure or their kids pleading, w/o really looking to see what the game is all about. Parents need to be a parent to their kids. Uuugh. As for the shootings, it sounds like the shooter has a history of mental illness, and, well, his mom was a prepper. He was obviously able to gain access to the weapons, which I have no idea why, especially since there have been reports of the mom telling babysitters in the past not to turn their back on him ever. Anyways, it's a terrible tragedy and I can only imagine what the family of those lost are going through, but every time there is a tragedy, it's the "entertainment media's" fault. If they knew he had mental health problems, it's a shame that he didn't get the treatment that he obviously desperately needed.
... It means it's a problem that it was easier for him to get his hands on multiple guns than mental health treatment.

That right there is what people in the White House need to start finding a solution to. My brother plays Call of Duty and he has anger issues, but it has never extended beyond yelling rants. Everyone wants to blame everything from television, to video games instead of admitting to themselves the actual truth. Video games don't cause violence. Mentally ill people with access to weapons do!
Video games are just the current fall guy. Before games, it was music videos. Before that, television. Before that, it was music. As always, they blame whatever is popular at the time. This is exactly why society never evolves. They never take responsibility for themselves. Instead, it's ALWAYS someone else's/ thing's fault.
Yeah, remember when Metallica and bands like that were to blame for all of the violence about ten years ago? Craziness, I tell ya. I listened to them and I'm fairly...normal. Haha doubt :(. His brother stated that he had a very well known history of mental illness. Well then WHY wasn't he being treated or at least not adequately? Why was he able to get into his mother's guns? Why did it ever get to that point? But asking the real questions isn't quite as easy as just blaming non-issues, I guess.
My sentiments exactly. I know that this isn't the 'right' or politically correct attitude, but I feel bad for the shooter, too. What kind of reality did he live in where he thought that was 'okay' or even necessary? How long did his mental health issues go untreated? It's such a shame because with proper medication and counseling most issues like that are not insurmountable. It didn't need to end up the way it did.
Media always looks for someone or something to point the finger at; everything is degrading our societal views by their eyes, even opposing forces (i.e. other networks). They see this tragedy, find that the man had been playing a game, and throw in a few bogus surveys and studies, ignoring facts that are vital in the case for sensationalist non-sense. It can really suck when people point out meaningless drabble like this, because players around the world end up having to deal with their biased politicians picking up the latest in crap and responding with censorship.