Friends List


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Oct 29, 2012
Currently X-Box LIVE offers a very simple friend list to those who have an account. It can hold 100 accounts in the list, which offers no organization or customization whatsoever.

I think it should be refreshed and updated. You should be able to make a sub-list of your friends which offers additional functions. For example, if you create a list because you host a clan, you could utilize a "send message to all" button which would send a message to each person on the clan list.

I also think that the limit to your friends should be kept at 100. However, an additional list should be introduced to the system. A list which features only users which you have tagged as an "acquaintance." This one should be unlimited and will not request them to be your friend or give them a notification for your status or beacons. Instead, it's just a list. That's it. The benefit I see from this is that you can then keep your friends list full of the people who are actually actively your friend. Anyone who you haven't hung out with lately can silently be shifted to the other list upon the user's request.

As one final thing, I think a small list of "best friends" should be included. The best friends would be entrusted to admin rights to your things, for example if you host an online game and you go AFK, get disconnected, or your batteries die; if you have someone in your "best friends" list present, they'll become the host automatically. Also, they will be able to see status updates about you that normal friends wouldn't, such as when you are in a hidden game. It should be all about privilege.
Skylark, your ideas are awesome! I think they should be implemented as soon as possible but have the Xbox people thought about it too? Maybe the Live feature is still new and they're working on it.