Original Xbox Fuzion Frenzy


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Feb 22, 2012
Does anyone remember the game Fuzion Frenzy? That was one of my favorite original multiplayer games for the Xbox. I played it a couple weeks ago, it's still as fun as I remember it being. :)
OMG I completely forgot about this game until now! My brother, neighbor and I used to play this game for hours on end! It was so much fun and all three of us were so competitive. I am craving it right now! Thank you for bringing this up, maybe I'll try to find it online.
Heck yes i remember! We played halo so much we got burned out on it, so we went to the demo section which included fusion frenzy. We ended up playing the demo for about 5 days straight haha!
Fuzion Frenzy was my jam! My friends and I would get so competitive with the demo that came on the original Halo disc. I always played as the little yellow guy (Zack?) and would make my victories out of the "twisted System" minigame--the one where you had to duck or jump while rotating on a screw. That was such a great launch demo and I really wish more people knew about it. It's the 360s version of the Mario Party.
Twisted system yes thats what it was called! (tip of my tongue)

That game brought tears to my eyes from trying so hard not to blink. It was crazy fun!
I loved playing Fusion Frenzy! I use to play a lot of Mario party on the Nintendo 64 so when I found out about Fuzion Frenzy and how it is similar to Mario Party I had to pick it up. Unfortunately the disk is scratched beyond repair so I cant play it anymore.
OF course that was on game that I will tell you that I had a lot of fun playing with my friends and we used to play that game for hours and hours. I think that the game was really fun to play with my friends. I liked the uniqueness of the mini games that you had the chance of playing.