Xbox 360 Game cleaning


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Aug 2, 2012
My three year old got a hold of a couple of my 360 games and scratched them up as well as some of her dvd's. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning them weel, and taking out minor scratches? I heard somewhere that you can use bananas or toothpaste?!?
I have seen people use CD cleaners before but they were only for music CD's, not any for games though I am not sure if it would make a difference or not. How deep are the scratches?
I've heard about bananas and toothpaste, too, but I've never tried either. I actually have a manual buffer that I use whenever I spot scratches on my DVDs. (It looks like a portable CD player with a handle on the top of it that allows you to manually rotate the CD against a buffing cloth with cleaner on it.)
I bought a cleaning kit with a spray solution and a soft cloth to work it in with, so that's what I use. Honestly, the kit reminds me of an eyeglass cleaning kit, but it works all the same. =)
Use the CD spray cleaner, it works if the damage is not colossal. I scratched mine unintentionally and got it "repaired" but it was only a small scratch. Not sure what to tell you if the thing is really ruined though.. maybe buy new games? :D