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Discussion in 'Xbox One Support & Tips' started by Reilly Mealer, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Nov 10, 2017
    Hi all, wondering if I can get some help...I feel Ive done everything. So last year I bought Dishonored 2, was so excited to play it made it 10 min into the story and the game crashed so hard it shut my box off. Tried again and still same result. So uninstalled reinstalled, same result, moved from internal hardrive to my external...same result...contacted XBOX, when I asked for a refund they gave me a bs explanation saying if I want a refund I have to contact the game developers. So I said screw it and just felt I wasted 60 bucks. Fast forward to today, I bought the new call of duty mind you both Dishonored and COD were both digital downloads. Had the same issue, multiplayer took me to a load screen and then crashed to the home page, so I tried the campaign made it to the first brief and same result. I feel Ive tried everything, cleared persistent data, deleted all saved data...moved from external to internal hd and vice versa, factory reset my box and nothing. So I contacted Microsoft again...this time they gave me a full refund, and I was still determined to play I went and got a hard copy thinking that this would be my answer and this would work. Alas it did not and I'm still getting the same result with a disc, so I did everything again, deleted all my saved data cloud and xbox. It let me make a character and as soon as I was in a load screen for a game it crashed back to the dashboard with the same result...I'm out of options and feel my xbox if finally giving up on I come to you wondering if there is something I'm missing. I don't want to say my box is dead just yet...cuz most everthing still works just onesy twosys that I really want to play don't. Help me xbox community...youre my only hope...