Xbox 360 Game hiatus


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Jan 20, 2012
Have you ever taken an extended break from playing your 360? If so, what was the reason for the time lapse, and how long did it last?
I guess I'm not a real "gamer" because we can go for weeks without playing. We get on kicks and we play it often when we want to. I don't like the kids spending a ton of time with any electronic.
I guess it really depends on what you define as an extended break. I've gone maybe a week or so without playing when I'm really busy, but usually I'll play at least every other day. It's just one of my favorite leisure activities.
The only time I took an extended break is when I was really busy and stressed with work. When I'm going through a period like that, I usually find something like reading or just zoning out in front of the television more relaxing.
Sometimes I take breaks simply because I'll get tired of only really having Kinect games to contend with. It takes a certain mood to have to stand up and not use a controller. ;-)
I stopped playing for 2 weeks one time, I didn't get bored or anything, but more that I was really busy then.
I agree with you about Kinect, 360vixen. It requires a totally different level of involvement and energy. I'm really sporadic with games like that. As long as I'm playing a variety of games, I'm less likely to take a total break for more than a few days at a time.
I don't think my husband has taken a video gaming hiatus since he was about 12, lol. As for me, I guess I'm more like France9 because I can get on a kick where I play it daily for weeks at a time, then decide I'm tired of it and stop playing altogether for several weeks. I'd say the longest I went without playing was a few months.