Xbox 360 Game Spot Reviews

Camel Tan

New Member
Apr 25, 2012
Do you place any stock in Game Spot reviews? At one time, I used them as a gauge of whether or not to rent a game, but after renting several "highly rated" games and disliking them, I have since stopped using Game Spot's website for game reviews.

If you don't read Game Spot's game reviews, do you use another website, or do you disregard game reviews entirely?
To be honest, I have never been into reviews for games, it is really a preference of opinion, I prefer just to try them out myself.
Sometimes I'll read reviews for a game I'm looking into, but I never buy a game just because it has a good review, or avoid buying a game because it received a poor review. I prefer to try the game firsthand and then decide for myself.
I don't ever pay any attention to game reviews, because I never buy a game until I've played it first. I guess what I'm saying is, I review the game myself - haha! Seriously though, there are too many people out there with too many different preferences to make a game review "right" or "wrong". If you have the same preferences as the reviewer, then sure, it'll probably be spot-on, but how do you know you'll agree with the reviewer?
I like to read the reviews, personally. However, I'm not reading them to decide whether or not I'll buy them based on whether or not the reviewer(s) liked the game. Rather, I'm reading the review for the chance to learn a little bit more about the game and how it works. If I'm interested in the game and it has a bad review, odds are I'll still rent it or borrow it from a friend and try it anyways.
I agree with Morris Code. I like to read the reviews to find out a little more about game play, but I never make a decision about buying a game based on other users' reviews of it. What one person hates, another person may love, so really, the only to find out if you'll like a game is to try it out yourself.
I don't pay attention to game reviews, period, whether it is on Game Spot's website or any other site. I've read them before (or watched them) and then went out and bought games based on the great reviews, only to completely disagree with the review and end up hating the game. Now, if I see a game I think I might like, I just rent it and try it out for myself.