Xbox 360 Gamer Score


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Jul 5, 2012
Do you pay any attention to your gamer score, or to your friends' gamer scores? Personally, I don't really worry about my score, but my husband is FIERCELY competitive and is always trying to keep his score higher than his friends' scores.
We only pay attention to ours once in a while and its only with two friends, one being a cousin so there is a little family competition going on there too. Unless we are all playing and having a BBQ/sleep over (for adults, meaning adult beverages and no drinking) we never fool with it but sometimes we do have side bets going on.
I don't care(you can tell by my low score). With enough time on your hands you can run your score up to whatever you want. If I could sit around and play Xbox all day (dream job :) ) I would try to run it up. I do try to get achievements though, but not for the score.
See and I'm the total opposite. I've played through King Kong just for the 1000 points. That actually almost wasn't worth it-The game was that terrible :) For awhile I was close to my hubby but he's quite a bit further than me, but only because I don't have as much time to play. I DO play games, like Skyrim, that don't have easy achievement points, just because they rock. But occasionally I will rent a cheezy game just for the achievement points. I know, I'm weird.
At first, I didn't pay any attention to my gamer score, but as I've started to play video games more and more and watch TV less and less, I've started paying more attention to the achievements you can get, so now I'm actively working to up my gamer score, where before I couldn't care less. I've got a long ways to go though, because my gamer score is only about 2,000, ha ha!!
I never gave my gamer score a moment's notice until a few friends started pointing out theirs... then it became competition time! What can I say, guess it's just male competitiveness!