Xbox 360 Games for toddlers?


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Aug 2, 2012
My dear friends have a 4 year old and asked me if I knew some games for kids of this age. In my opinion, Xbox games are for older children but they insisted on the Xbox. So, do you now any games that are suitable for children this young ?
I know there is a lego game since my neice asked for it for her recent birthday but I am not that into games that are not for adults. I am really clueless in this area but maybe another person can chime in here.
Why in the world do they want their 4 year old playing video games?! That kid needs to be outside climbing trees and making mud pies, like I did when I was that age!! Like darbella, I'm totally unfamiliar with Xbox games that are geared towards young children.
I have a child about that age and there is no way I am encouraging them to play video games instead of playing outside and using their imagination. I am sure there are some games out there though.