Xbox 360 Games for Xbox newbies?


New Member
Sep 22, 2011
I literally JUST got an Xbox last week, and I'm not entirely sure what games I should get for it. I like platformers, RPGs, and some FPS games. I'm familiar with the Final Fantasy games, but I kind of want to try something new. Any ideas on where I should start?
Congratulations on getting your Xbox! Thank god you didn't go with that PS3 thingy. :p You should check out Fable if you like RPG's. There is an older one I have that I enjoyed too. It's called Two Worlds. As far as first person shooters, you can go with Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, or Call of Duty. If you want something even more fun that involved vehicles as well as infantry action, try Bad Company 1 and 2, or Battlefield 1943 in the Xbox arcade. It's a cheap game, but I still love it and I'm still one of the top players in that game.