Games - Linear Versus Non-Linear Progression


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Apr 26, 2012
Where your video games are concerned, do you prefer a linear or non-linear storyline? A linear storyline is one where you must complete one quest first before you can complete the second, and so on. With a non-linear storyline, you are free to complete quests in almost any order you choose. Grand Theft Auto is a great example of a game with a non-linear storyline, while Resident Evil is an example of a more linear game.
Personally, I like both. Sometimes I'll be in the mood to play a game with a linear storyline, because it simplifies things. First, you do X-assignment, then you do Y-assignment, repeat, repeat, repeat. Other times, however, I want more freedom. I want to do one assignment before another, and then maybe skip one assignment altogether and come back to it way later. I also like how games with linear story lines usually have better fight systems and combos, while non-linear story lines tend to simplify the fighting, allowing you to get by with some easy button-mashing.
I think both have their merits and it depends a lot on the genre of the game. An RPG for example, wouldn't be all that great if it was completely linear while most shooters tend to require a pacing that can't be offered with completely non-linear gameplay.