Games passing up Wii U

Miss Toadstool

New Member
Mar 19, 2012
I have heard that at least one game is thinking about passing up the Wii U, because they will have to rework the game to make it tailored to the Wii U. This makes me wonder how many games are going to pass up being on the Wii U, because developers do not want to put in the extra time? This could be really bad and ruin the Wii U. What do you think?
I read on another website that developers weren't going to need to make any changes. If that's not the case, I agree that it wouldn't be good news for the Wii U. That has to be really expensive for companies to re-design programs and it can take a long time, too. You have to get all of the bugs worked out. More than likely, they won't bother if it's just for the Wii U.
I haven't heard either way about this, but since we have an Xbox 360 already, it doesn't really matter to me if Xbox 360 game developers don't want to re-design their games to work on the Wii-U. Honestly though, I think game developers will want their games on a new console because it expands their market.