Xbox 360 Games you don't play anymore ?


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Aug 2, 2012
Are there any games you already got bored of? Or do you play the same games with the same interest all the time. I have a few I got bored of and don't even look at them anymore.
Happens to me too. I usually exchange them at a local shop, or with my friends. If I don't have any luck at this, I sell them over the internet. I made some pretty nice deals with 3 of my old games.
I don't play that much so I can't say I got bored of them already. I have a few games I can't wait to play when I get home but that's not always the case..
I usually liked to play racing games. I was a big fan of Gran Turismo and Forza Motor Sport. But ever since I learned how to drive an actual car, my interest in them dwindled little by little. Now, I no longer spend hours on end playing a racing game. The RPG genre was also one of my favorites before. However, since I no longer can play for extended periods of time due to my hectic schedule I now focus more on versus games, FPS games and action/adventure games.
A game I never play anymore is Halo 3. Despite the fun I had with friends on it back in the day, I have no urge to go back.
I keep coming back to an Xbox Arcade game: N+. A simple 2D platformer but very addictive. Unique games have always interested me so when I find my self becoming bored of Call of Duty (which happens often) I return to N+ and embrace the classic arcade feel.
After Halo 4 came out, Halo 3 piratically started collecting dust as I don't even play it anymore. Despite having memories with it, I just don't feel the motivation to play it anymore.
Another game I don't play anymore is Halo. I use to love the series, but now FPS are becoming a bit repetitive too me.
Well of course it happens. Some are much more playable long term than others....sometimes I'll try and take a long break from one and see if coming back to it is anymore interesting. Sometimes they're just not that great, though.
I actually became bored of F.3.A.R. after the third play. It has a pretty weak story emotionally, imho, and the style of fighting seems to have a way of getting far too repetitive, as opposed to most shooters I play. I'll probably grab it out a year from now and start playing, but it doesn't seem to be one of those games you can hold on a bi / trimonthly basis and then give another go.