Gaming magazines


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Aug 7, 2012
Do you read any gaming magazines? Or are you subscribed to some? I'm reading one from my country, called LEVEL, for almost 10 years, it's the best one I've ever seen.
I don't read any gaming magazines. Instead, I try to keep up with current events through the internet. I wouldn't be opposed to a quality gaming magazine if I could find one, but all of the ones I have thumbed through to date are filled with too many ads and too few articles.
I've thumbed through some gaming magazines before, but I've never bought any and I don't subscribe to any. Like [PRFCT] said, they are mostly just advertisements.
No on the magazines but yes on websites. I subscribe to quite a few so I have something interesting to read during downtime. For me if its online I have a better shot of reading it than something which comes in the mail that I might lay down in the den and forget about.
I have some gaming magazines that come to the house from time to time, but it is pretty rare that I actually ever get to sit down and read them. If I am really intrigued by the game on the cover I might get around to reading that article.
I read Game Informer. I really love the content quality and the game previews and reviews. They have been my sole gaming magazine for over five years. I've never had any gripes or complaints with them either.
I used to religiously purchase gaming magazines on a monthly basis - egm, gamepro, etc. But with the rise of the internet came the downfall of these magazines. I still miss purchasing magazines but I cannot return to my old purchasing ways. The internet had provided me gaming news for free! That's one thing that the gaming magazines cannot deliver.