Gearbox is working on some next-gen projects


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Jun 24, 2012
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Okay, if you don't know what Gearbox Software creates (yeah, you're right...They create software. I meant what TYPE of software) or who Randy Pitchford is, you should. Gearbox Software are the super-awesome game developers of the Borderlands franchise (See epic Borderlands 2 trailer here: Direct Link). In addition, the helped Valve to bring Half-Life and Counter-Strike to the consoles, and they've also created such games as Brother in Arms and finished the work on Duke Nukem Forever. Randy Pitchford is the president, CEO and co-founder of Gearbox, He's also a pretty funny dude-You can follow him on Twitter.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand now that you have been duly educated. Randy Pitchford announced around two hours ago that Gearbox has already been working on next-gen products.So we don't have to worry about them going anywhere. They have some big titles such as Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines set to drop this year, but wouldn't give any clues about what to expect on any next-gen console. Are you ready to trade your Xbox 360 in yet? Hmmm. I can't imagine not having it, but I bet the next-gen consoles are going to blow the 360's socks off so much that I won't even miss my 360...You can check out the full G4 news brief here: Direct Link
That is awesome, jstep7262! I have been a fan of Gearbox Software ever since I first finished the first Borderlands game. I am very excited about Borderlands 2, and I will probably give Aliens: Colonial Marine a try too. It has too be epic, considering the guys from Gearbox Software usually put a lot of effort into their games.
My hubby got a chance to play Aliens: Colonial Marines the other day and he said it's amazing.I'm sure we will be getting it when it comes out!