Xbox 360 Getting Rid of Notoriety


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Dec 14, 2012
My wife is loving the Assassin's Creed series. She's working on the second game right now but she's having trouble getting rid of her notoriety after she commits a crime. Supposedly, you can tear down wanted posters to decrease your notoriety but she says that sometimes when she does this, it actually increases her notoriety even more. What's the deal?
I had this problem from time to time, too. The tricky thing with tearing down those wanted posters is that you can't do it in sight of a guard. If a guard sees you tearing down a wanted poster, they "figure out" what you're up to, get upset, and come after you. Just tell your wife not to tear down the posters in sight of the guards.
Samsim - I don't know if your wife has taken notice of this or not, but once you become notorious, little icons pop up all over the map showing you where wanted posters are. If she's trying to reduce her notoriety and comes up on a poster in sight of some guards, all she has to do is check the map for the locations of some more wanted posters. Not all of them are in sight of guards, especially the ones that are hung high up on buildings.