Girls on Live


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Aug 7, 2012
I find it very funny when I'm playing on live and one of the players says that she's a girl. Almost all the players send her friend requests, like it's something that weird to see a gamer girl.
I was playing gears one time with a bunch of guys that I work with...they were on both teams, and my buddy on the other team told me that some of the random players on his team were talking in between matches when I couldn't hear about how I must be butt ugly because there are no hot girls that play Xbox. Um...have you watched Attack of the Show? Hello morons :)
Well, that's just mean! I know lots of hot girls that like to play. Interestingly enough my wife pointed out an article she ran across on another forum about "gamer abuse" where male players are being extraordinarily hostile towards female players. I can't post links yet, but it's called "Sexual Harrassment in the world of Video Gaming" and it was put out on the BBC news service.


There's this stereotype that only guys play video games, or at least, that girls don't play the shooters live. While that might have been the truth at one point, it's definitely not the case now. I hate to hear guys talking crap about girls that play, like there's something wrong with the girl because she's playing. Anyone with any sense at all has sense enough to realize that games are not gender sensitive; everyone likes to have fun!
I find it very funny when I'm playing on live and one of the players says that she's a girl. Almost all the players send her friend requests, like it's something that weird to see a gamer girl.

Why do you find it funny - because she is female or because all the players start sending her friend requests once they know?

I don't care which gender the other players are. If they're on my team, I expect them to have my back, and if they're on the opposing team, they're going down!!
I actually did see that article Upallnight. The ladies in that article were treated very, very poorly. I think that all players should be treated with respect no matter if they are male or female.
According to the article Xbox is working on it, and they do suspend the accounts of abusive members. I just don't know that it would be that hard to register another account and continue harassing people.
Its funny because it is almost the complete opposite for me. When a girl is in the lobby of COD I pretty much always get a f/r... I guess i have game on the game too huh Lol
The immature children who are always like "Go back in the kitchen!"...grow up kid.
I find it very funny when I'm playing on live and one of the players says that she's a girl. Almost all the players send her friend requests, like it's something that weird to see a gamer girl.

I see most of them aren't aware of rule 1 of the internet. EVERYONE is a dude lol.

Ok, but on a serious note, I know what you mean. It's like they never met a female before or something. Which of course, probably boosts the gamer girl's ego like none other lol.
I hear that stuff about "Go make me a sandwich" or whatever and I just laugh at it because I know I am going to own those guys by the end of the day. Live does have a lot of macho BS but I think some of the girls take it too personally too. It's a male environment, either learn to roll with it and inflict your own damage or get out.
Oh, thanks BYU, for letting me know that video games are good for me since I'm a long as I play with a parent! ROFL! Good thing boys can play video games by themselves. Otherwise, when would the mothers have time to make dinner?! They'd be too busy playing video games with their kids while the dad is working to make the bacon! Okay, so I know that was bad, but I'm sure you guys know that I'm totally saying that tongue-in-cheek.
kids get retarded when girls are playing cod... its almost embarrassing to be a guy in the same lobby.

You know kids that say stupid things like what are you doing out of the kitchen or scream B**CH are the kinds of kids who don't have "regular" contact (in anyway) with girls. Makes me laugh at them :p
I could not agree with you more, Gift3d. They are just little boys trying to make themselves look cool. I don't need to talk to anybody that way, I just show them where it's at in the game. My thoughts are if you have to talk a good game then you probably don't have game.
I cannot believe the discrimination these days. So what if girls play along, they can be even better at it than some boys are. The whole point of playing games is... playing them and that's it. Who cares if you play against girls or boys, they are still people.
It took a while to find this post on tumblr that I liked but here it is -

'MYTH: More girls aren’t gamers because they’re just not into gaming.

FACT: More girls aren’t gamers because they often feel unwelcome by the gaming community.

Thanks, NPR, for reminding folks that lack of female participation in the video game community isn’t due to brain differences or some shit, but is greatly attributed to—ummm, hello—Sexual harassment!

… Miranda Pakozdi, a regular competitive gamer, entered the Cross Assault video game tournament. During the six-day fighting competition, her team’s coach badgered her with questions about her boyfriend and her bra size, and trained the tournament’s Web camera on parts of her body. “Eventually,” says O’Leary, “she found this so difficult to deal with that she committed kind of virtual suicide and forfeited the tournament by walking straight into a competing player so she’d be killed off.”
it’s difficult at times to want to play online games where voice chat is encouraged when the second you speak the reaction is

“who let the little kid on the server?”
tired sexist jokes
immediate call vote to mute me'

I would link you to the post but...
Wow....Anju's post really sums up why girls don't like to reveal themselves as gamers. Too many guys that don't know how to act when a girl is around. It's like they go straight caveman about it.
Yup. Like yesterday I was in a skype call with a supposed 'friend' on an mmorpg and I just got a view of... It was really disgusting and even though I tell him i'm gay he just ignores it and continues making these faces and noises. I honestly don't know what I see in him and the general population of men.
Some the girls are better than us guys, i play GTA4 on pc online, some of the girls can aim and drive better than i can, i think its great i welcome it, why shouldnt they join in?
Its male macho bullshit and its old need to get with the times, the ladys can play our games and are good at it, i wish my wife would show an interest, id love to game with her.
Just ignore it girls and keep playing.