Xbox 360 Glitches - Good or bad?


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Nov 22, 2012
Kind of an odd question but I've always wondered about other gamer's opinions on the subject of glitches in a game - particularly the widely known ones, such as the Invincibility Glitch in the XBox vers. of Minecraft.
Do you as a gamer find that those who use glitches are annoying? Do you count this as cheating if the person in knowingly ignoring the rules (and sometimes gravity) of the dimensional reality that his or her game plot currently resides?
I think it depends on the game. I only have ever used them for the zombie mode in black ops. Its fun to get into those later later rounds that are sometimes more impossible to achieve without them. I can't speak for any other game because i don't use them on anything else. Also i think developers are pretty good at patching them fairly quickly.
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I love glitches whenever I first find out about them, but then I feel like I am cheating myself out and not really using my awesome skills when I rely to heavily on them. I feel the same way with cheat codes. They're fun and everything, but you still feel like you didn't really complete the game.
Glitches are 'eh' for me. I've never used them but had known about a few, mainly on Zombie mode of CoD though.
Yeah, I don't have much of an opinion over glitches because I don't think it's cheating *that* much.