Guild Wars 2


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Jul 11, 2012
A friend is on his way over to hang out today and is bringing his entire PC setup, we are going to check out Guild Wars 2. Anyone plan on getting it? I have not really played the others (or read up on it enough) to decide if I really want it or not. Any advice?
I think the release date was pushed back if what my cousin said was true. They had a quick beta weekend or something and then announced at the end of it that everyone needs to wait at least another month.
I'm actually not familiar with Guild Wars 2. What type of game is it and what's the story line behind it? Is it an MMORPG, similar to World of Warcraft?
I am not sure if its similar to WOW but I do know that it is a MMORPG, but I have never played the first one. It is also a role-playing game which is not usually something I go for in games.