Guilty party - Wii


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Jan 20, 2012
Finally a mystery Wii game – Guilty Party. I played this at a friend’s house a couple of weeks ago. It was cute and the kids loved it. You get to pick your player (they are all Dickens) and you are trying to solve mysteries. It reminds me a lot of clue (board game). Your Wiimote turns into a lot of different things throughout the game. It’s pretty cool – have you played it?
I looked up Guilty Party on Amazon and it sounds like great fun. It's nice to have the different modes although I can't see playing it alone. The cooperative mode seems like the one that fits the game best, especially with all of the one-liners. The comedic aspect of the game would be a lot more fun if you're solving the game together rather than being in a competition.
I agree, we played together and solved this together. The kids even loved playing - and it was great to help them solve the mystery. I am pretty sure I will pick this one up for Easter. We played it at a friends and it was a hit.
Yes, I played this one awhile back and found it to be suprisingly decent for a multiplayer Wii game. I also thought it to be cute and appropriate for a wide range of ages.
i heard they have a new zombie game for the wii. i might want to try that sometime.
I have not played Guilty Party and have never heard of it. Thanks for mentioning it, because I was starting to think my Wii was going to have to collect dust.
My wii has already collected dust. im not a fan anymore. with xbox kinect and sony move. wiis not worth it
I played the Sony Move and did not like it, however, I love my Kinect. I still like my Wii, but there are not too many games coming out that seem different. Can somebody prove me wrong?
No. i am only into first person shooter games. and for the wii. their not fun. ever
I am a fan of the Wii, but if you like shooter style games the Wii sucks in that department. I have scanned some releases that are coming soon to the Wii and most of them were role playing type games.
well. i must be just a hands on person. not a wii or a moving game. lol