Xbox One Halo 5 campaign role play


Jun 23, 2013
The upcoming Xbox One exclusive video game, “Halo 5,” may include several role-playing elements. According to a report by the NeoGAF forum on July 5, an insider claimed that Master Chief can grow stronger throughout the campaign mode as he finds relics from the Forerunners. Furthermore, he can also store different weapons in one mission in order to use it as part of his load-out equipment for the next area.

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i am not a halo player... but i know some people are.. it has a cult folowing and a tv show/series for it.
I will say that its a scary thought to cross genres; especially with Halo. However, I will say that the RPG elements added to other games have been fairly successful recently and depending on the mechanic it could be kind of cool. Unfortunately, while in the world of Halo and playing as someone like Master Chief, its kind of a one trick pony. I'm going to take this gun and utterly destroy you and make your mom sad. That's it.

Starcraft II - Heart of the Swarm mixed RPG with Real Time Strategy and its freaking amazing... so with that I will hope for the best.
Honestly, more features wouldn't hurt, especially RPG elements. It adds more depth to your character and at this point in the story I think Halo needs a bit more depth while you're playing the game.
We know absolutely nothing about this Halo 5, so we can only speculate.
The trailer was very nice, so I can only say that the game will be one of the most graphically beautiful Xbox One.
This is a new studio that 'holds the license. Bungie and Destiny now. I hope ue Halo remain what it was.

I guess one out for Christmas 2014.

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