Xbox One Halo 5 chat


Jun 23, 2013
Halo 5: Guardians â 'Xbox One allows things we've never done before'

warning: semi spoiler on story... open to interpretation .

Master Chief, the troubled hero of the Halo game series, has changed. The end of Halo 4 saw him battered and exhausted after his epic battle with The Didact. His best friend – the AI assistant Cortana – is dead, ravaged by a computerised sickness and then sacrificed to save humanity. We leave him contemplating his role in the UNSC, questioning everything he's fought for.

So when 343 Industries revealed the next Halo instalment on Friday, the obvious questions were, where does the series go next? In her Xbox Wire post, general manager Bonnie Ross spoke mostly about the technical aspects of bringing the game to Xbox One, the new engine, the ambition behind it.

i am not a halo player or even really follow the series at all. but a new engine and the fact it is on xb1 with such a big calling behind it almost makes it a sure thing as far as gameplay,storyline..

we know it has dedicated servers... so one would assume its going to have multilayer.. really no real need for a dedicated server with solo play only unless it was a game like destiny where solo and multiplayer are semi seamless.

all in all i think it will be a big part of e3... and really hope the halo2 anniversary is a big want in the community at this point.. allot of people talk and have stron feelings on if they change stuff or add/take away how they would feel. i dont really have feelings since i never played halo2..