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    Jun 23, 2013

    warning: semi spoiler on story... open to interpretation .

    i am not a halo player or even really follow the series at all. but a new engine and the fact it is on xb1 with such a big calling behind it almost makes it a sure thing as far as gameplay,storyline..

    we know it has dedicated servers... so one would assume its going to have multilayer.. really no real need for a dedicated server with solo play only unless it was a game like destiny where solo and multiplayer are semi seamless.

    all in all i think it will be a big part of e3... and really hope the halo2 anniversary is a big want in the community at this point.. allot of people talk and have stron feelings on if they change stuff or add/take away how they would feel. i dont really have feelings since i never played halo2..