Xbox 360 Has anyone collected ALL of the achievements in Condemned: Criminal Origins?


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Oct 7, 2012
I have every achievement, except the "Golden Bird award" achievement. It seems to be a common problem, as you have to collect all of the birds, in a specific order. I can not find a walkthrough, video, or wiki that says which bird should be collected when. I have all of the collectibles, and basically, have everything else done. I just don't want to keep running through levels, hoping that the achievement pops.
I have all of the achievements, and I can say from experience that the achievements in this game are glitchy. You don't have to find the birds in a particular order, you just have to find all of them. However, if you've done so without getting the achievement, it's just the game's faulty achievements. I had to use every weapon in the game 3+ times to get my Melee Mayhem achievement, so just try starting a new game and finding all the birds again, annoying as it may be.