Xbox 360 Has anyone played this game?


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Dec 13, 2012
A friend of mine absolutely loves the Family Guy TV show and watches re-runs of it all the time. He also likes to play video games, so I was thinking about buying him this game for Christmas. Has anyone here played this game? Is it worth buying?
I just bought Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse and so far, I like it. It didn't receive a very high rating from IGN (6/10) but I think it's a fun game if you like Family Guy. It's worth buying in my opinion.
Jane - If you want to buy him the game but you're not absolutely sure he'll like it, you could always buy him a used copy of it. That way, you wouldn't have $60 sunk into a gift that you don't even know he'll like. Alternately, you could just get him a gift card.