Have I been sold a counterfeit game?

Discussion in 'ALL GAMES' started by Chris Treece, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. Chris Treece

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    Sep 13, 2020
    With both my boys packed off to University, the house was suddenly devoid of any gaming kit, so I picked up an Xbox One for peanuts for the occasional blast of COD, FIFA etc. Needed a deep clean but works fine, playing a couple of downloaded games with no issues. However the copy of Destiny I bought on eBay will not load. Bluray & DVD movies play ok. The disc has no scratches or marks & seems to have all the relevant holograms etc. On closer inspection, though, the hologram of ‘XBOX ONE’ that’s repeated four times around the inner ring of the disc has an oddity - the letter ‘N’ in the word ‘ONE’ is back to front. Is this normal, or have I been sold a dud? Bit of a moot point, as I only paid a couple of quid, but I’m just curious why someone would go to all the trouble of printing discs with holograms with a deliberate typo!! Cheers