HBO on Xbox


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Mar 20, 2012
I heard that HBO Go would release on April first, and will let subscribers stream almost all of the shows on HBO. Is anyone going for this? What shows are on HBO, because I usually watch Showtime. Does anyone plan on getting HBO GO and what made you decide you wanted it?
I do not think I will get HBO Go, because I hardly ever watch HBO. I am also a big fan of Showtime. There are just so many series on Showtime, that I think are better than HBO. Will HBO Go let you do other things or is it only for streaming HBO shows?
I looked into this, but unfortunately, you already have to be an HBO subscriber to qualify for HBO GO, and we don't have a cable TV or satellite TV subscription. We rely solely on an antenna for local news and use Netflix and VuDu the rest of the time. I wish HBO would create a separate option for people who ONLY want the HBO GO, and charge maybe $10/month or something, similar to Netflix.
If we already had an HBO subscription, I would definitely use the HBO GO feature, simply because you can stream whatever show you want to watch and you don't necessarily have to watch it live when it airs. It would be great for people who are at work when "their show" comes on, which was often the case for me when we had HBO, because I was working a lot of late nights at that time.