Xbox 360 Help me Pick


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Mar 15, 2012
I need some help picking the next game I am buying, and figured this is the best place to get an opinion. I am leaning towards the New Resident Evil. It is a nice classic game that I always enjoy. Next, I was thinking about Ninja Gaiden 3. I have played the first Ninja Gaiden at a friends house. I really liked it, so I thought number 3 would be even better. Then, I had the idea to totally ditch the norm, and find some completely off the wall indie game.

Please help, because my brain is going to exploded!
I keep seeing the Indie game Natural Selection 2, pop up whenever I am scanning gaming blogs. I might be checking this one out, so if you go with the indie route, you should too. If it is just between the other two, Resident Evil would win every time. The Resident Evil series of games are just that good. I never really liked Nija Gaiden.
Go with Resident Evil, it is a classic that you know you will enjoy. I have not played Ninja Gaiden, but I have a few friends who like it. I have no indie games to mention, how do you even find out about good indie games?
What is Natural Selection 2 about? I do not think I have ever heard of that game. If you are tired of the same kind of games, then pick an indie game. I do not know of any, but I am sure you can Google it or something.
I ended up buying the Resident Evil game. I guess I am not ready to venture out of my gaming zone, yet. I have not had a chance to really play the game yet, but I see a Resident Evil marathon this weekend.
Gwyn, now that you have purchased the Resident Evil game, have you had a chance to play it? I'm curious to know what the new game is like, because it's actually received some pretty nasty reviews! What's your opinion of the game?
I haven't seen any Ninja Gaiden 3 footage but the Resident Evil games have always been great. They are dark and atmospheric which really help you immerse into the story. Unless Ninja Gaiden has pink ninjas of couse, then I would totally pick that :)