House, MD

Miss Toadstool

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Mar 19, 2012
I really love the show House, MD. I recently found out there is a PC game based on the show. I hear the graphics are realistic and I am thinking about buying this game from Amazon. Has anyone here played it? I wanted to hear from someone, in case the game is disappointing.
I have never played it, but from personal experience it seems like all games made off a show or movie aren't that great.
Not a fan of the show, but game sounds nice. Feel Free to tell me how it is.
I enjoy the show. I find it to be pretty entertaining. Can't say that I have ever had the opportunity to play the game though. Did you ever get around to purchasing it off of Amazon? Did you like it?
I agree, most games based off shows really suck. Most of the time they are just trying to cash in on the success of the show. I have not played this game, though, so if you catch a deal on the game buy it. Then tell us how it was.
Am I the only guy on the planet who doesn't see the appeal of the show? Maybe I'm just weird but the humor seems to not rub off on me.
Tiby-The appeal of the show is that House is just a jerk. I would use a better word, but this is a kid-friendly forum ;) I enjoy the actors on the show, and I can't quite explain the appeal of it, other to say that he's such a jerk and I look forward to seeing what kind of crap he pulls week to week. Also, the medical aspect of it appeal to me, although I'm not sure how realistic it is. I know if he was on staff at any normal hospital, he would have been fired years ago. I'm bummed that the series is over, but I enjoyed the show and the characters while it lasted.

But-Yes, have you played CSI? King Kong? Most games based on TV shows or movies generally seem to suck IMO.