How did you think of your gamertag?


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Aug 7, 2012
Does your gamertag have a meaning? Or is it just a random name that came across your mind when you created it? How did you think at it?
Our gamertag is actually a combination of everyone's name in the family. We tried like 50 different names and they were all taken so that was kind of our last ditch effort and it worked. :)
I picked mine out of randomness, Kind of regretting it now...

lol...Mine's part of my name and a few numbers afterward. I did pay to change it to my married name once I switched all of my stuff over. The random numbers at the end make sure that my nickname is pretty much always available, whether for my gamertag, e-mail, etc.
My gamertag ended up being something completely random because every combination that I tried had been taken by someone else. I think it took me like an hour to come up with something!
My actual name is Anthony

My Gamertag is AnTh own Y

All i did was put a w in it and space out own cause I wreck kids on a constant basis :D
I'm a tuner and I was looking into automatic camber adjustment which led to omnicamber. Which is fully tilted inward.
It is pretty tough coming up with a gamertag, these days. Literally, just about everything you could ever think of is already in use. My gamertag was completely random, and I just got lucky that no one else had used it previously.
Mine is a combination of my favorite sports team and my birthday. I got lucky and the particular combination wasn't taken. I know people that have tried to create gamer tags for hours because everything they wanted was taken. That would blow.
My gamertag is something I actually had way before this generation started. The same name I use for PSN or Xbox Live is the same one I've been using since the earlier days of PC gaming