Xbox 360 How is it?


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Dec 18, 2012
I was thinking of getting it when my new Xbox arrives in the mail as well as a few other games and was wondering if it is a good game or not.
When I watched the trailers it kind of seemed like Assassin's Creed gameplay and SplinterCell's gameplay when you go through the story.
When I first played the game it reminded me a lot of Assasins Creed as well, but I really enjoyed playing this game :) The story, gameplay and graphics are great and I definitely recommend it. I especially like the upgrades and powers you can get, I wish "Blink" was in every game! xD
Really fun game. Great abilities. Not too much weapon variety, however, and you feel really gimped if you go for a non-lethal playstyle. The story also sucked in my opinion. I mean, the story was just kind of... there. It did nothing. It just... was there.
I personally love it. If you're into Deus Ex style games with multiple approaches and the whole "non-lethal playthrough" thing, it's well worth the money. It isn't as "free" and sandbox-y as DX and other games, but it's still a fun play. The art direction and the story are way beyond fantastic too.
Is it true that the game is really short and can be beaten in about 5 or 6 hours?

I don't think so. I read an article that said it would take anywhere from 10 to 24 hours. That's a huge gap, but it's because it comes down to play style, of course.
True, the assault gameplay style would probably last a lot less than a stealth approach.
I agree that it would depend on your style of play, and whether you're collecting everything, etc. Of course if you just want to fly through the game you can just run through it all but if you really want to do a good play through it will take more than 5-6 hours I'm sure. I haven't gotten all the way through it so I'm not sure how long it'll take me.
I have to def try this, i've got a couple buddies who really liked it. Stealth games always make my day. Besides I've heard some people claim Deus EX was fantastic game. Also mentioned above. I never got a chance to play it. So maybe i can try this to see what i missed.
I was really excited when I bought this game. And after playing for a week or so I can say found it pretty boring and repetitive. The game is worth a rent but I would not buy it.
I found the game to be pretty disappointing. It's my fault, I guess, I believed the hype! So much hype! Damn! I found the story to be an excuse plot for most of the game and there is not too much variety. Hell, you will be using the same weapons for most of the game and dealing with, basically, the same enemies through most of the game too. It is a pretty good stealth game (though you don't NEED to stealth) and it does allow you to deal with things in different ways but even then, I found that my decisions didn't matter at ALL...

It is definitely worth a rent or getting it for cheap. Then again, some other people still say it's the best game, so yeah. Your Mileage May Vary and all that.
I really liked it. As a fan of Thief it has disappointed me, because the developers said they were getting some inspirations from it and it turned out completely different.
But as a stand alone game, it's pretty good.