Xbox 360 How Is Your KDR?


New Member
Nov 12, 2012
For those of you that are used to playing another Call of Duty title, how is your KDR on Black Ops 2 in comparison with the other titles? Before I bought Black Ops II, I spent most of my time playing the first Black Ops and my KDR was just over 2. Now, on Black Ops 2, it's down to just over 1.5. I know it's going to take some time to get my KDR up, but it just irks me to see my KDR so low after being over 2 for so long on the first Black Ops!
My KDR in Black Ops 2 is definitely not as good as my KDR in Black Ops I, or any of the other Call of Duty games, but to be fair, I haven't been playing Black Ops 2 anywhere near as long as I had been playing those other games. I think the longer you play the game, the better your KDR will get... unless you suck, ha ha!!
My KDR isn't as good on Black Ops 2, but not only is the game newer, my controller is too and it's really messing me up. I'd had my old controller for several years and the analog sticks were loose. Now that I have a new controller, the sticks are tight and it's completely wrecked my game play. =/