Original Xbox How long since you had it ?


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Aug 2, 2012
How long ago did you buy your Xbox? I have had it for less than a year, so for me it's still rather new. I don't even have the Kinect feature yet, I am thinking of getting it soon.
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Same here, for less than a year, but it's the best console ever and I'd never change it. I also have the kinect, which is awesome. It's true, the games developed for it are not the best, but I'm confident that they will release better and better ones.
I have had a PS for years and a few months ago I decided to try out the Xbox. I like it more and so I switched to kinect recently and I'm glad I did. The gaming experience is just awesome!
I have played off and on for years but until recently I always shared the console with a friend or roommate. With the price of new systems sometimes its just easier to go in for half the cost with a friend if you can swing it.
I bought my first in 2008, if I remember correctly. Then I bought another one because the old console broke, and now I sold my second console and bought the Kinect whole package.
I've only had mine for a couple of years. I wasn't sure I needed another distraction in the house but here I am, the proud owner of one. My girlfriend couldn't thank me enough when I bought it :p
I am pretty sure I got it when it first came out, so I have had it for around 7 years. I really haven't played it all to much in the past 2-3 years, need to start playing again!
I have been using my Xbox EVER since it came out and boy was it fun! Whenever I play it, my mind fills up with joy and happiness from my childhood!
This is my second original Xbox. I bought my first Xbox in 2003, but it got damaged in 2008 by some kids I used to babysit. So I bought my current one at Goodwill in 2009, so far so good.
I had my first Xbox about 5 years ago. But obviously, it got the Red Ring Of Death. So instead of repairing it, I sold it and bought the newer one about a year ago.
I sold mine years ago. I only had an original XBox for about a year. It didn't appeal to me much. it was just collecting dust on the shelf.
Never actually owned an Xbox myself always played it at a friends house because he had one. So I suppose it would be forever since I had one when you think about it but I still remember the times I spent playing that thing through the night with my buddy.
Was it 2005 or 2006, i can't remember. I got Ninja Gaiden Black and Halo 2, so i guess it was more 2006, which means i already have it for seven years. Man, how time passes quickly, we are already going to the third console!
I bought my first Xbox in early 2002. I owned it for about 1 year and then traded it for a modded Xbox that had an emulator for literally every gaming console and every game that ever existed. I owned that one for about 2 years and then sold it in late 2005 and bought my first Xbox 360 (I say first because I had it exchanged twice because of the red ring of death)
I had the Xbox original for a long time. It has been since about 2005 I think. I was a lot younger back then.
I've had my OG Xbox since 2004 I think. I remember the day I got it, that it was storming out and I had to ride the bus back. I was extremely worried about it getting water damaged, the alley that was my usual shortcut back home had flood puddles, and Wolf Dog was on the loose. Since I didn't feel like outrunning him with my Xbox I went through the alley anyway.

...soggy socks and a cold, but I still had the Xbox and it worked.
My wife gave it to me as a wedding gift 4 years ago. First console I'd had since the N64.