Xbox 360 How Many?


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Jan 20, 2012
How many different 360 games do you usually find yourself playing at once? I usually just stick to one or two until I beat them, otherwise I'll start to feel my attention and dedication is spread too thin.
Anything less than five and that can spread over a month or two time span, I like to switch it up to keep from boring myself. That and add in work, kids, family life - it all gives me plenty of time to do the things I need to do and the things I want to do. Anything more than five and something falls off the plate.
I tend to get addicted to what I'm playing. When that happens, I play one game until I burn out. Then, I find something else. I've been so busy during the past year. It's easier and saves time to stick with what I'm currently playing. But you miss out on great stuff doing that which is why I'm glad I found this forum.
I usually play two or three at the same time, but each game is usually from a different genre. For example, I might be working on one sports game and one shooter. I find that more than one game of the same genre doesn't work for me, I'll just abandon one of them after a while.
I normally play the same thing for awhile till I get on something else, but a few times I have played several at a time.