Xbox 360 How to configure and test your wireless Internet connection


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Aug 28, 2012
After you have connected the Xbox 360 Wireless Connecting Adapter to your original Xbox 360 console, you have to configure and test the wireless connection.

Steps to Follow

1. On your controller, press the Guide button and proceed to Settings, then choose System Settings.

2. Go to Network Settings then select the name of your wireless network.

Note: If you do not find your wireless network, go to Advanced Options and then select Specify Unlisted Network. Proceed to enter the name of your wireless network, after which you will be asked to select the security type.

3. Enter your wireless network password.

4. You will get a prompt to update your console software. Select Yes.

Still Not Connecting?

If you get a connection error message after these steps, you should try using the Xbox LIVE Connection Solution to fix the problem.

If your wireless network is not listed in Step 2 above, you can read about how to Improve Xbox Live Speed.
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