Xbox 360 How to move multiple items at once


Aug 26, 2012
You can easily move multiple items between storage devices using the Transfer Content option. So, if you purchase a new console, you can move the contents of your old Xbox 360 console to the new one using the Transfer Content option and the Hard Drive Transfer Cable.


During the content transfer, the Xbox Dashboard will be unavailable.

If any problem occurs during the transfer and the transfer is interrupted, the content will remain on the source storage device. You can start the transfer process again.

How to transfer multiple items

To transfer multiple from one storage device to another, follow the steps bellow:

  • From Xbox Home, you need to go to Settings to select System.
  • Press Storage.
  • You need to highlight the storage device containing the content that you want to transfer. Now press Y for Device Options.
  • Press Transfer Content.
  • You’ll have to select the destination storage device
  • You’ll also have to select the content type that you want to transfer.
  • Finally press Start to begin the transfer.

If the destination storage device doesn’t have sufficient space, the Space Available bar will appear red. Then you’ll have to reduce the amount of content you are transferring.

Here is how:

  • First you need to select content type
  • If you want to remove all items from the content type, press X
  • If you want to remove individual items, press A to view the items. Then select the item or items and press A again. You need to press B to return to the previous screen. Finally select Start to begin the transfer again.