Xbox 360 How to Renew your Xbox LIVE Gold Membership


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Aug 28, 2012
Overview of Xbox LIVE Renewal

When your current Xbox LIVE Gold Membership is about to run out, you will get a renewal message on your screen.

  • Month-to-month membership- Notification comes 15 days in advance
  • 3 or 12 month membership- Notification comes 30 days in advance

Xbox LIVE membership can be renewed using a credit card, a debit card, or a Prepaid Gold Membership Card.

If your automatic membership renewal (auto renewal) is set to off, you can purchase a new subscription or use a prepaid membership card to renew your Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

Renew with a payment option by purchasing a new membership:

Steps to Follow

1) Use your Xbox LIVE gamertag to sign in.

2) Under Settings, select Account.

3) Proceed to Your Memberships, and select the membership that you currently have (for example Xbox LIVE Gold)

4) Select Modify Membership and you will be presented with a list of renewal options. If you are on an Xbox LIVE Free Membership, you can choose to upgrade to Gold Membership.

5) Select a membership option, then Confirm Purchase.

Once you have confirmed your purchase, the following will happen:

  • The payment option you are using will be charged immediately.
  • The time subscription plan you have just purchased will be added to your remaining subscription time.
  • Your Xbox LIVE Gold Membership will be activated and auto renewal turned on.
Take note:

If you use a credit card as your payment option, you cannot remove it on file until your current membership expires.

There is a procedure you can follow to add or change your Xbox LIVE payment option.

Renew with a prepaid membership card

It is possible to renew your Xbox LIVE membership using a Prepaid Microsoft Gold Membership Card. This card is available at retail locations.

If you choose to redeem a prepaid Xbox LIVE membership code, you will be added time to your existing Xbox LIVE membership, while your renewal settings will remain unchanged.

How to turn on auto renewal (for existing membership):

If you are already on Xbox LIVE Gold of Family Pack membership and you want to turn on auto renewal without purchasing new membership, you should contact Xbox Support.

How to Troubleshoot Xbox LIVE renewal:

If there are issues with your Xbox LIVE account, you might receive the following messages. The solutions are provided below:

  • Error: Your credit card has been declined several times by our billing service.
This means that your credit card has expired, or the information on it has been changed. To solve this problem, there is a procedure you can follow to change payment option for Xbox LIVE membership.

  • Error: 8015d080
In case you receive this error message, you need to contact Xbox Support.
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