Xbox 360 How to set up and use the Chatpad


Aug 26, 2012
You can easily chat with your friends on Xbox LIVE using the Xbox 360 Chatpad. The Chatpad is very helpful for sending text messages quickly.

How to connect the Xbox Chatpad to a controller

To connect the Xbox Chatpad to a controller, follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to turn the controller and the Xbox 360 Chatpad so that the bottom of each faces up.
  • The chatpad connector plug needs to be aligned with the controller’s expansion port. You have to align the two posts on the chatpad with the holes on the controller.
  • Finally, you need to push the chatpad onto the controller with even pressure to attach. You have to ensure that there is no gape between the chatpad and the controller.

You can also connect an Xbox 360 Wired Headset or a mobile phone headset with the Xbox 360 Chatpad. To connect a headset, you need to plug it into the 2.5-mm audio jack on the chatpad.


  • You can connect the Xbox 360 Chatpad with both the Xbox 360 wired or wireless controllers.
  • But you cannot use the Xbox 360 Chatpad with a controller connected to a personal computer.