How to Use Kinect Voice Commands (Full List)

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hey guys, so we wanted to make sure you guys were aware of what exact commands Kinect would understand. As many of you have probably already figured out, it can be very picky in how it expects you to make a command. Well have no fear, below is a full list of approved commands. Enjoy!

    The Basics:

    Turn on your Xbox One (works only when Instant-On power mode is enabled): "Xbox On"
    Turn off your Xbox One: “Xbox, turn off”
    Go to the Home screen: “Xbox, go home” or "Show my stuff"
    Go to a particular application: "Xbox, go to <application name>"
    Go back to the previous screen: "Xbox, go back"
    Cancel the current action: "Xbox, cancel"
    Snap a particular application: "Xbox, snap <application name>"
    Unsnap a snapped application: "Xbox, unsnap"
    Switch between snapped view and main view: "Xbox, switch"
    Use Bing: "Xbox, Bing <subject or topic>"
    View menu: "Xbox, show menu"
    Change view: "Xbox, change view"
    Display on-screen Help: "Xbox, help"


    Bring up your contacts: "Xbox, Skype"
    View the contact details t: “Xbox, Skype <person>”
    Start a video call using Skype: “Xbox, call <person>”
    Answer a video call: "Xbox, answer"
    Answer a voice call: "Xbox, answer without video"
    Hang up or end a call: “Xbox, hang up”
    Send an Xbox Live message to a friend : “Xbox, send a message”

    How to Sign-in

    Go to the sign-in page: “Xbox, sign in”
    Sign-in to a specific account (use the first name on the account): “Xbox, sign in as <person>”
    Sign out of the active profile: “Xbox, sign out”

    Notifications Controls

    See your notifications: “Xbox, notifications”
    See notification details: “Xbox, show notification”
    Dismiss a notification that is on the screen: “Xbox, close notification”
    Answer an incoming call when the notification appears: “Xbox, answer”
    Answer an incoming call without video when the notification appears: “Xbox, answer without video”

    Video & Music Commands

    Play video content: “Xbox, play”
    Pause video content: “Xbox, pause”
    RewindL: “Xbox, rewind”
    Fast forward: “Xbox, fast forward”
    Rewind or fast forward faster: “Xbox, faster”
    Rewind or fast forward slower: “Xbox, slower”
    Skip to the previous chapter: “Xbox, skip backward”
    Skip to the next chapter: “Xbox, skip forward”
    Stop playback: “Xbox, stop”
    Play music: “Xbox, play music”
    Pause: “Xbox, pause music”
    Skip to Next Track “Xbox, next song”
    Skip backward to previous track: “Xbox, previous song”

    TV Controls

    Open the OneGuide: “Xbox, show guide”
    Tune to specific channel: “Xbox, watch <channel name>”

    Volume Controls

    Mute your TV: “Xbox, mute”
    Unmute your TV: “Xbox, unmute”
    Increase volume: “Xbox, volume up”
    Decrease volume: “Xbox, volume down”

    Gaming Related Commands

    Invite a friend to a game or chat: “Xbox, invite <name>”
    Record a game clip: “Xbox, record that”