How to Use SmartGlass with Xbox One

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    So as many of you probably already know, there’s a new SmartGlass app for Xbox One. It is not simply an update on the 360 version, so you will need to actually download a whole separate app. The app is readily available on iOS, Android, and of course Windows phone; it is also available on all tablets of the aforementioned operating systems.

    So once you have the app downloaded and ready to go, the first thing you will need to do is sign in; assuming you already have a Live account, this will bring in your profile information. On the home page the first thing you will see is a few icons on the tools bar, which are: Menu/Connect/Refresh/Search. We’ll come back to options in a bit, so let’s start with connect. There are two options to connect the app to you Xbox One, the first is probably the quickest and easiest which is simply to make sure you are on the same WiFi network and then simply click ‘connect’. This should have the app automatically find the Xbox One and have your ready to go. The second option isn’t much more complicated, but will require you to turn on the ‘WiFi Direct’ option on your phone, locate your console, and setup a direct connection.


    Below the tool bar you will find what you did last on you Xbox One, whether that is a game or app. It mainly consist of a large window with an icon for the game (app) along with a side window which give you the ability to view details.


    Selecting to view details will bring up the following options:


    From here you can launch the game, view more details, or pin/unpin the game or app to your favorites on the Xbox One home screen. Click details again will bring up the information for the game you normally see on the Game Store (see photo below). Scrolling from left to right will bring up things like challenges, achievements, and even screen shots.


    Below you most recent app on the home screen you will see a side scrollable list of the rest of your recently played or use applications and games, much like you see on the Xbox One home screen. Below that you will notice a list of recommendations based on your likes (presumably gathers from your gaming and viewing history). Finally below that is the ‘Pins’ section which shows you all the items currently pinned under your favorites section on the Xbox One.


    Next let’s go to the menu. Tapping the menu button will bring up the following list of options:


    As you can see, from here you can go back home or view anything from friends and achievements to pins and messages. There is also a ‘settings’ option, let’s go there first.


    As you can it is very limited with what you can do, but it does include a handy tutorial that may help should you have further questions. Towards the center of your screen is an option labeled ‘Stay Awake’, which I would recommend you turn on since it comes in handy when using SmartGlass as a companion app. This will disable your screens sleep or lock function so that the app is easily accessible while gaming.

    Now let’s go back to the ‘menu’ choices and check out the friends list:


    The friends’ list is available in three different ways. You can view all friends as normal, you can view just your favorites (see pic above) or you can view your followers. ​

    Next we’ll go to the ‘Achievements’ section which looks very “pretty”. It has a nice sleek look to it and is very easy to navigate. The first screen shows you details on your most recently played game including so basic statistics. Scrolling to the right you’ll next see ‘Featured Challenges’ which is a list of the community challenges for all the games you own. The next page will show you the achievement progress for all the games you have played. Clicking on any of them will bring up more detailed information including challenges, achievements earned, and even your game clips. The last page to the right will show you recent achievements unlocked by your friends, which is a cool little feature.

    achievements.jpg achievement homepage.jpg achievement progress.jpg challenges.jpg

    Heading back to the ‘menu’, the ‘Pins’ option is pretty self explanatory, so here is just a photo of my pins:


    It is important to note you can launch them by selecting them and likewise pull up more options for the selected ‘Pin’.

    The messages option is also pretty straight forward, but it is nice being able to compose a message as well as read them.

    friends list.jpg send message.jpg

    It is very important to note that when you are you will have one more option on bottom of your app's homepage which will allow you to use you phone as a controller for navigating your Xbox. I can see that being handy when an actual controller is not in reach and you do not want to yell at your connect. As far as the interface for the controller is concerned, it is not much different from the 360 SmartGlass version:


    Hope this guide is helpful and informative. As always message me directly with any questions or leave them below!​
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    А SmаrtGlаss аpp hаs bееn аvаilаblе fоr sоmе timе nоw fоr frее fоr Windоws 8, Windоws RT, Windоws Phоnе, iОS аnd Аndrоid оpеrаting systеms, аnd hаs bееn intеlligеntly intеrасting with sеlесt gаmеs fоr thе Xbоx 360.

    With thе rеlеаsе оf thе Xbоx Оnе, this tесhnоlоgy hаs rаisеd its gаmе, with а nеw sеpаrаtе аpp сrеаtеd thаt will оffеr sесоnd sсrееn intеrасtiоn thаt tаkеs yоur gаming bеyоnd thе tеlеvisiоn.
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