Xbox 360 Hypothetical question about selling your Xbox 360


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Feb 22, 2012
What is the lowest amount of money you would take for your Xbox 360? The catch is that you're never able to own one again. My friends and I talk about questions like this all the time, just to see how much you really value something.

Five thousand dollars is a reasonable number for me, I think. I love the Xbox 360, but there are other gaming systems out there, so I think that's my number at the moment.
I don't know, I never thought about anything like that before. It's silly if you ask me. I like my Wii just as much so I could sell one easily and have the other still. I don't think anyone would buy it from you for $5K.
If for some crazy reason they were no longer available, I think there are those who would pay more than $5K. Let's say all Xbox 360s malfunctioned one day, except for 100 of them. All of a sudden the value goes way up for those who love this system.

I agree with you that no one would buy it for $5K now, so I guess it is somewhat silly. It's just a little hypothetical question, it can be fun to put a number on these things.
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A million dollars - I'm not kidding. Five thousand dollars is chump change that can be spent in a month or two. Good hypothetical question!
A million dollars seems like a lot to me, but I figured there would be some people who would go much higher than my number. I play my Xbox 360 a lot, but I can be a little bit cheap sometimes too.
This is a very interesting question. Five thousand is a bit low for me. If I could add another zero, I might be willing to make the trade. Of course, this is hypothetical and I'm not sure my resolve would hold up in the real world versus an alternate reality without Xbox.
Well, I think I could let loose of mine for $5,000 like RonP44 stated, because even if Microsoft quit making Xbox 360s and never made another console after that, some company somewhere would make a next generation console, and odds are, that console's technology would make the Xbox 360 obsolete anyway. So yeah, I'd feel good about taking 5 grand in exchange for a used video game console, especially when I think about everything that I could do with that $5,000. :~)