Xbox 360 I absolutely loved this game!


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Nov 1, 2012

Have any of you played this game? I do warn you, it's not really something I would call a 'game'. More like an interactive ... CGI-ed anime? :confused:

You'll definitely need to watch reviews and game-play to make decision if this is for you.

What I love about CAPCOM is their CGI animations, especially those associated with Street Fighter (<3). I would watch them over and over again on YouTube. They had a lot of them before the release of SFxTekken, MvC3, and SF4. They're just bloody EPIC!

And this game was EVERYTHING I could have asked for from CAPCOM. It's basically those epic scenes, but extended and with some gaming involved. I would want to quickly get over the actual gameplay to get back to watching again. :D

Again, this is not going to be everybody's cup of tea. But I had a blast with it. MORE PLEASE CAPCOM!

Oh, and the Ryu and Akuma DLC! OMFG EPIC!
I'm so lost right now as to what game you love?

is CGI-ed anime a game? or were u talking about street fighter? or tekken? Im lost.

EDIT: My bad Looked on the new post section didn't notice it was in the game index haha, never even heard of Asuras Wrath?

Just watching the whole game on YouTube would probably be enough to be honest. It's not like you'll be missing any playing time. XD
I've never heard of this game, but I love anime, so it sounds like it would be a good one for me. Thanks for the information. I'll check it out on YouTube before jumping in.
Oh, hey. Thanks for reminding me this game exists. I was getting all achievements on it, got really close. I also need to pick up the epilogue DLC sometime, but I am still pissed that the story ends in such a cliffhanger.
I just stumbled over this thread, having never heard of Asura's Wrath either...went to watch the trailer and, well, is there a bigger word than 'epic'?! Because that's what I need to write here. YamiPrem - I'm assuming you've played through to the end, how long is the whole game, roughly?
Man! I played the demo and was hooked. I never actually got around to buying it(it was like $50.. I'm good haha), but I loved what I saw out of the demo! I'm so surprised to see someone else has heard of it, it's kind of a forgotten title.