I guess I have to introduce myself

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    Oct 17, 2021
    I'm Arran.
    From the UK
    Got an Xbox One, hoping to get a Series X at some point in the near future.

    Not really been gaming for that long or that much but hoping to change that.
    Currently looking to add people to my very empty friends list.
    People who just like to text chat (for now), share screenshots/clips, etc.
    No mic at present but plan on acquiring one at earliest opportunity

    Been playing No Mans Sky a lot recently. Love just exploring in that game as well as Astroneer.
    Will also be playing some Farming Simulator 19 in preparation of 22.
    Some Minecraft too possibly, so probably more into exploration & simulation games but will probably try out random games now and again.

    NGL, I'm completely useless at anything I play so don't expect me to be playing FPS/Shooters. That would not be enjoyable for me or those I play with/against.

    Feel free to just add me and would be much appreciated
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