In-game spam


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Jan 21, 2012
I have no idea how my buddies account was compromised since he was a geek by trade after all but we got some in game spam from his toon last night. The bad part, these fools do not even realize they are using someones account that died. I am sure it freaked many people off his friends list out, not just us.
Wow, that is crazy. I do not think hackers even care about who's account they hack. If the hackers are so smart, why do they not put their skills to better use?
Haha, not trying to sound mean, but I found it funny that a hacker got hacked! lol
I would have thought something ghostly was going on! Then, I would have realized what was going on. My sister's Facebook was hacked and they got to her email, too. I started scanning my emails one day, and see one from her. I knew something was up, because my sister never sends me emails. She always texts me or calls. The second reason why I knew something was up, was because the title said, "Look at how big I am".