Xbox 360 Indestructible Controller!


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Jul 8, 2012
Okay, okay, I know the controller really isn't "indestructible", but it's pretty tough. :) Mine has survived several violent throws from at least waist-height after being killed by various, cheating COD players. What's the toughest "catastrophe" your controller has survived?
My controller has been thrown across the room and into other objects before, without breaking. While I wouldn't recommend using the controller as a stress-relief toy, I'm definitely guilty of taking my anger at a game out on my controller. :p
I haven't really put my controller under any serious strain or stress, but my husband's brother threw his into the wall recently. The controller still works fine, but now he has a big hole in his wall. :\
I'm actually surprised that mines still works, especially after all of the bashing's it took.
My controller has never been through any terrible catastrophes, but I was with my friend and his did. He was playing demolition and he was currently on a 15 kill streak with an AC-130 in the air. He is a pretty good player and he was in the mood to get a nuke. He was on a 25 kill streak (so he got the nuke) and he was waiting for the AC-130 to wear off. I was in the bathroom at this time, but all of the sudden I heard "GOD DAMNIT" (Huge Crash) "WHY CAN'T YOU PLANT THE BOMB" (Another Huge Crash (it was the TV)) "I JUST THROUGH MY FU*KING CONTROLLER INTO MY FUC*ING TV."

Fun story. Everything survived. Even the TV, somehow.. But it sounded funnier in my head...
I can honestly say that I've never really put my controllers through any "stress" tests. My friends however have really put theirs to the test. I don't see them buying any controllers, so I assume that the controllers must be able to put up with a lot. Maybe they're made out of old Nokia phones or something. :p
I'v never thrown my controller, i usually just hold it really tight and try to snap it in half.. :cool: Although I don't play games like COD, but I do play Skate and that has made me rage, a few times.
I've accidentally dropped it but onto carpet. I've never hit it on anything or thrown it, I don't let things like games upset me.
Just fixed a 360 controller for the first time, and I didn't even need to do the whole process. My left bumper inexplicably stopped functioning properly so I got a T8 bit to take out the screws. I was going to put a tiny piece of thin cardboard right under the bumper to make the connection so it would click again and not just mush down, but before I even got to that stage it was clicking properly. Screwed everything back together and voilà.
My three controllers are in absolute perfect condition no fading, never thrown, no scratches, never dropped :D
I take extremely good care of my electronics, i would never take out my stress on them!!
I don't know if it will always be as indestructable as it seems to be right now, but this is the first game system we've owned where we didn't have to purchase a new controller within the first three months. I've thrown it across the room, down the hall and into the kitchen; I've slammed it down on the floor and underneath the couch; I've spilled coffee, water and soda on it; and twice the dog carried it off for a chew toy. Wow, so far this one gets an A plus in my book.
This thread is hilarious to me. Today I found a really old wireless controller in a box in the attic. When i popped open the batteries I noticed that one of them busted and acid (crusty white stuff) was everywhere. I guess this nuked my controller because a new set didn't turn it on. I basically had a brick of a controller - so what would any other sane person do? I guess controllers aren't indestructible to the blade of an axe :cool: