Xbox 360 Internet Conection


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Dec 3, 2012
Most of us are having some problems with the internet conection error!
Heres is something I found to help you guys get rid of that problem:
1-Disable any firewall or security features on your router.
-Set port forwarding on your router to the IP address of your Xbox 360. This game uses port 3074 (UDP/TCP). Additionally Xbox LIVE requires ports 80, 53 TCP and 88, 53 UDP.
3-Place your Xbox 360 into the DMZ of your router.
4-Disconnect your router and try the game. If it works regularly at this point something about your router may not be completely compatible with the specific needs of this game. Check with your router manufacturer and Microsoft's Xbox Live Connection Issues page for additional steps that may need to be done to resolve the issue you are having. You can also verify that you have an Xbox Live compatible router.
And that's it guys , you should be ready to get some kills without any internet interruption! :cool:
But I will keep you informed about the new Patches because they are working in that
So , good gaming :D
I've been having some problems with that internet connection error, too, but honestly, I don't know how I feel about disabling the firewall and/or security features of the router. I hope they release a patch soon that will fix the problem.
I know what you mean, Brian. I'm always wary of any "solution" that requires me to disable my firewall and put my network at risk. I just don't understand why we're all having this problem with Black Ops II when none of us had this problem with the first Black Ops and we're all still using the same router/settings. (Well, I know I am. I don't really know about anyone else.)
Brian and Tomas - Those troubleshooting tips were actually taken straight from a troubleshooting guide that was released to help players having problems with lagging during multiplayer. You can actually find those same instructions on ActiVision's website, so I don't think it would really put your systems at risk.
I don't know about anyone else, but the internet connection error that I get is way before I even enter a match. Once I get into the match, I don't have any problems with lagging. I wonder if disabling the firewall and setting port forwarding and such would even help?
If the "firewall killing" method isn't to your liking, I found this option is better:

To change your matchmaking settings, open “Online” / “XBox Live” -> go to “Public Match” -> go to “Find Match”.

On the “Find Match” menu, either click the option at the bottom-right corner of the screen or press [X] to access “Search Preferences” to change your settings.

By default, the preferences are set to “Normal” to find a balance between matching you to new games quickly and finding quality (less laggy) games.

Here is a link that I basically copied: