Internet searching?


New Member
Sep 22, 2011
Is there any way you can surf the internet through Xbox Live? I thought I heard they were going to incorporate Bing, but I haven't been able to find it or any other way to pull up web pages. Do you know if we already have or will have the capability to browse the net on our Xbox's?
I have never done it but we have this insane remote that controls everything in our den so the husband uses it more than me. I can manage to turn the xbox on and play, but thats about it.
It's not something I have ever heard of or tried either. I would think that you can't but then again technology is changing daily. I would love to know how if someone does know how. I can't imagine surfing the net through a gaming console.
As far as I know, Xbox Live subscribers only have limited access to Microsoft sites that are associated with playing games. So, I don't think you can actually use your console as a computer.
I have not heard anything about, searching the web using the Xbox 360 console. I probably would not even use the Xbox to surf the web, because it would be easier to just use my laptop.
I do not think you can use a search engine, with Xbox live, but I could be wrong. Why would you want to look on the internet with Xbox Live?